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Book: Venue Stories

Chapter: Fascinating Rhythms

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.42687


My eyes closed to enhance the beat. I feel my body responding to the music, guided by its rhythm. Surrounded by a sea of others, I raise my hands and move in time. Above, a mirror ball twinkles, catching the reflection of the disco lights. On the stage, the DJ stands. He bends over his decks. His head bobs to the music. Seamlessly, he transitions from Stone Roses’ Waterfall into Pixies’ Debaser. I am liberated, elated and dancing.
I’m completely lost in the moment. It’s always been this way.
Well, maybe not quite always.
Everyone remembers their first encounter with a nightclub, right? Rewind (ahem!) a few years back. Germany, 1988. A school exchange trip. Mic–Mac nightclub, Bergen. This is my first taste of a night out. In stripy tops, tailored jackets and (dare I say) that old classic – double denim, we shuffle our stilettoed heels to the strains of Tiffany, Falco and S Express. We sip coca cola from glass tankards. Our attempts at sophistication are marred by awkward self-consciousness. Nevertheless, at some point, as the crowd on the dancefloor grows, I lose my inhibitions and forge a new bond. Me, a DJ and a beat. My love of dance is unleashed. It opens a door to a world of clubs that will prove poignant and life shaping.
I can’t accurately recall the number of clubs I’ve visited in my life. However, the more significant ones remain imprinted on my mind. They are a vivacious kaleidoscope of places, people, DJs, fashion and music. This memoir revisits some of these and recalls their cultural relevance as well as the role they play in my and others’ lives.

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