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Book: Identity, Multilingualism and CALL

Chapter: Examining Identity Performance of Multilingual Students in Computer Science Education: A Narrative Case Study

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.43413


This study examines the identity enactment of multilingual students as they engage in a year-long computer science (CS) curriculum. Findings indicate that multilingual students develop positive CS identities when their work is 1) recognized by teachers, family, peers, and communities, and 2) solidified by their linguistic and cultural resources.

Chapter Contributors

  • Sharin Jacob ( - sharinjacob) 'University of California, Irvine'
  • Jonathan Montoya ( - jmontoya) 'University of California, Irvine'
  • Mark Warschauer ( - markwarschauer) 'University of California, Irvine'