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Book: Chinese Buddhism Today

Chapter: FGS and Education

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.43516


The authors begin this chapter with a short review of the history of Buddhist education since the Chinese Xinhai revolution of 1911. In 1967 Hsing Yun founded a seminary (now a women's college), near Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan. This was the first of what has become a college/seminary system which has trained vast numbers of monastics both in Taiwan and overseas. The authors describe the system itself including providing in an appendix, the course curriculum. The chapter also covers Hsing Yun's educational activities beyond the seminary and suggest that his manner of operating these might be described as "Confucian paternalism."

Chapter Contributors

  • Yu-Shuang Yao ( - ysyao) 'Fo Guang University, Taiwan'
  • Richard Gombrich ( - richardgombrich) 'University of Oxford / Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies'