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Book: The Qur'an

Chapter: 1. The Opening

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.43733


As its title suggests, this short prayer serves as the introduction to the Qur’ān, though it has also had several other names (e.g., ‘The Praise’). It is sometimes referred to as the ‘mother’ or ‘essence of the Qur’ān’ (umm al-Qur’ān), and is an important part of worship, both public and private. Whether it was originally part of the Qur’ān is uncertain. The early codex (muṣḥaf ) of Ibn Mas‘ūd (d. 32 AH/652/3 CE) is said to have omitted it.

Chapter Contributors

  • A.J. Droge ( - adroge)