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Book: The Qur'an

Chapter: 40. Forgiver

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.43772


This is the first of a group of seven sūras (Q40–46) known as the ‘Ḥawāmīm,’ from the two letters (Ḥā’ Mīm) with which they all begin. It consists mainly of the story of Moses, with a number of features that distinguish it from other versions of his story in the Qur’ān. Q40 takes its name from one of the divine epithets in its opening verses, but it is also known as al-Mu’min, from ‘the believer’ in the house of Pharaoh who tried to dissuade his people from opposing Moses (Q40.28–45).

Chapter Contributors

  • A.J. Droge ( - adroge)