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Book: The Qur'an

Chapter: 46. The Sand Dunes

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.43778


This is the last of a group of seven sūras known as the ‘Ḥawāmīm,’ from the two letters (Ḥā’ Mīm) with which they all begin. It opens with a declaration of the ‘sending down’ of the Qur’ān, and then condemns the folly of idolatry in the face of God’s power and providence. The Prophet is set forth as a typical messenger whose ‘Book’ confirms the ‘Book of Moses.’ Next comes the story of the punishment of the people of ‘Ād, followed by one about a band of jinn who came to believe after listening to the Prophet recite from the Qur’ān. A conclusion stresses the certainty of resurrection and judgment. The title of Q46 refers to ‘the sand dunes’ where the ‘Ād were destroyed (Q46.21).

Chapter Contributors

  • A.J. Droge ( - adroge)