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Book: Collaborative AI

Chapter: Ethics and Inclusion in an AI-rich World

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.45001


Chapter 6 addresses the ethical and inclusive considerations of implementing AI in English Language Teaching. It highlights data privacy and security concerns, exemplified by the need to protect students' personal information when using AI-driven tools. The chapter also emphasizes the importance of promoting digital equity and inclusivity, discussing strategies like incorporating accessible AI technologies for learners with disabilities, and ensuring that AI tools are culturally sensitive and unbiased. This chapter will conclude by discussing AI-related issues in academic integrity as they relate to student success. By tackling these concerns, educators can create a responsible and inclusive learning environment that harnesses the benefits of AI without compromising ethical standards or student learning, and in ways that acknowledge the real threat to academic integrity posed by the unethical, uncritical deployment of AI assistance by learners.

Chapter Contributors

  • Joshua Paiz ( - hpaiz) 'George Washington University'