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Book: Collaborative AI

Chapter: Looking Ahead: AI, ELT, and Human Expertise

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.45004


In the final chapter, Chapter 9 looks to the future of English Language Teaching in an AI-driven world. It discusses emerging trends and technologies, such as advanced natural language processing and immersive virtual reality environments, and their potential impact on ELT. For example, increasingly powerful natural language processing (NLP) applications could lead to AI-powered chatbots that tailor their communicative style to the ongoing inputs of the learner, tailoring both response content, tone, and style to their needs, further contributing to efforts to provide differentiated instruction. This chapter also highlights the enduring importance of human expertise and emphasizes the need for a collaborative approach, where educators and AI work together to create meaningful learning experiences. By envisioning a future where AI and human expertise complement each other, the chapter concludes with an optimistic outlook on the potential of AI to transform and enhance the field of English Language Teaching.

Chapter Contributors

  • Joshua Paiz ( - hpaiz) 'George Washington University'