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Book: Ritual, Personhood and the New Animism

Chapter: Indigenous Tourism: A Perfect Site for ‘Guesthood’ Research?

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.46274


This chapter explores indigenous tourism in British Columbia, Canada, which in part has been set in train by indigenous communities themselves in order to establish sites and occasions for education and dialogue. Jennings explores her transition from tourist to guest researcher and constitutes a careful meditation on the ethics of pursuing research with indigenous communities through the lens of guesthood. James L. Cox (University of Edinburgh) takes the idea of guesthood further in his “‘Guesthood’ as a Scientific Method: Principles Supporting Relational Research”. Drawing on the physicist Carlo Rovelli, Graham’s 2003 Numen article and others, Cox presents an approach he calls “relational research” which combines guesthood, phenomenology and action research.

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