Vol 5 No. 1/5.2 (2011) Genealogy and History in South Asia

Genealogy and History in South Asia, edited by Simon Brodbeck and James Hegarty.

Journal: Religions of South Asia

Published: May 23, 2012

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Section Title Author Published
Genealogy and History in South Asia (Religions of South Asia, Special Issue): Introduction Simon Brodbeck, James M. Hegarty May 21, 2012
Lines of Descent and Dissent: Genealogy, Narrative, and the Upaniṣads Steven E. Lindquist May 21, 2012
Rethinking the Upaniṣadic Vaṃśas: Teacher Lineages as a Literary Genre Brian Black May 22, 2012
Etymology, Genealogy and History in Early South Asia James M. Hegarty May 22, 2012
Between History and Divine Plan: The Mahābhārata’s Royal Patriline in Context Alf Hiltebeitel May 22, 2012
Solar and Lunar Lines in the Mahābhārata Simon Brodbeck May 22, 2012
The Mystery of the Syamantaka Jewel: The Intersection of Genealogy and Biography in the Harivaṃśa Christopher Austin May 22, 2012
The Buddha as Ender and Transformer of Lineages John S. Strong May 22, 2012
Secular Buddhist Lineages: The Śākyas and their Royal Descendants in Local Buddhist Legitimation Strategies Max Deeg May 22, 2012
The Female Past in Early Indian Buddhism: The Shared Narrative of the Seven Sisters in the Therī-Apadāna Alice Collett May 22, 2012
Heir to one’s Karma: Multi-Life Personal Genealogies in Early Buddhist and Jain Narratives Naomi Appleton May 22, 2012
Before Genealogy? Marking Descent in the Inscriptions of Early Historic India Meera Visvanathan May 22, 2012
The Men who would be King: Reading between the Lines of Dynastic Genealogies in India and Beyond Richard Salomon May 22, 2012
The Gupta–Vākāṭaka Relationship: A New Interpretation of Rāmagiri Evidence (2) Hans Bakker May 22, 2012
Poetic Pasts: Patrons, Poets and Lesser Mortals in Bāṇa’s ‘Biography’ Kumkum Roy May 22, 2012
Purāṇa Pañcalakṣaṇa as Genealogy and Jātipurāṇa Greg Bailey May 22, 2012
The Genealogy of the Pallavas: From Brahmins to Kings Emmanuel Francis May 22, 2012
Ravivarman Kulaśekhara the Yādava and Sagara the Son of Yādavī: Real and Ideal Kings in Matrilineal Kerala Christophe Vielle May 23, 2012
Lineage, Power and Perception: Comparison of the Royal Chambā Genealogy with Contemporary Epigraphs, 800–1650 CE Mahesh Sharma May 23, 2012
In the Name of the Fathers: Mughal Genealogical Strategies from Bābur to Shāh Jahān Corinne Lefévre May 23, 2012
On the Evolution of Genealogical Narratives in the Western Himalayas Arik Moran May 23, 2012