Vol 7 No. 1-3 (2013) Vol. 7, No. 1/No. 2 (Double) 2013

Non-Human Animals in South Asian Religions: Myth, Ritual and Folklore, edited by Fabrizio Ferrari and Thomas Dähnhardt

Journal: Religions of South Asia

Published: Oct 8, 2013

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Section Title Author Published
Guest Editorial
The Animal Question in South Asian Religions: a Post-Modern Pañcatantra Fabrizio M. Ferrari, Thomas Dähnhardt Jun 8, 2012
The Animal Question in South Asia: a Post-Modern Pañcatantra Fabrizio M. Ferrari, Thomas Dähnhardt Jun 9, 2012
First Tantra: Wonder, Monstrosity, Conflict
Talking Animals: Explorations in an Indian Literary Genre Patrick Olivelle Jun 8, 2012
Monstrous Animals on Hindu Temples, with Special Reference to Khajuraho David Smith Jun 8, 2012
Her Majesty’s Servants: the Tame and the Wild under the British Raj Davide Torri Jun 8, 2012
Second Tantra: Conflict, Ethics, Environment
Beware the Crocodile: Female and Male Nature in Aśvaghoṣa’s Saundarananda Alice Collett Jun 8, 2012
Sparrows and Lions: Fauna in Sikh Imagery, Symbolism and Ethics Eleanor Nesbitt Jun 9, 2012
Tigers, Tiger Spirits and Were-tigers in Tribal Orissa Stefano Beggiora Jun 9, 2012
Third Tantra: Environment, Myth, Devotion
Falling Rain, Reigning Power in Reptilian Affairs: The Balancing of Religion and the Environment Ivette Vargas-O’Bryan Jun 9, 2012
Guardian Spirits, Omens and Meat for the Clans: The Place of Animals among the Apatanis of Arunachal Pradesh Sarit K. Chaudhuri Jun 9, 2012
Karman and Compassion: Animals in the Jain Universal History Eva De Clercq Jun 9, 2012
Fourth Tantra: Devotion, Wisdom, Awe
Horses That Weep, Birds That Tell Fortunes: Animals in South Asian Muslim Ritual and Myth David Pinault Jun 9, 2012
Winged Messengers, Feathered Beauties and Beaks of Divine Wisdom: The Role of Birds in Hindi-Urdu Allegorical Love Stories Thomas Dähnhardt Jun 9, 2012
The Biggest Star of All: The Elephant in Hindi Cinema Rachel Dwyer Jun 9, 2012
Fifth Tantra: Awe, Fear, Death
Dark Shades of Power: The Crow in Hindu and Tantric Religious Traditions Xenia Zeiler Jun 9, 2012
Fear, Reverence and Ambivalence: Divine Snakes in Contemporary South India Amy Allocco Jun 9, 2012
The Silent Killer: The Ass as Personification of Illness in North Indian Folklore Fabrizio M. Ferrari Jun 9, 2012
Book Reviews
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