Vol 9 No. 1 (2012)

Journal: Communication & Medicine

Published: Feb 19, 2013

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Section Title Author Published
Listening to patients’ voices: Linguistic indicators related to diabetes self-management Ulla Connor, Marta Antón, Elizabeth Goering, Kathryn Lauten, Paris Roach, Stephanie Balunda, Amir Hayat Feb 11, 2013
On the use of formulations in person-centred, solution-focused short-term psychotherapy Pamela Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Ivan Leudar Feb 11, 2013
The discursive self-construction of suicidal help seekers in computer-mediated discourse Irit Kupferberg, Izhak Gilat Feb 19, 2013
Exploring lexical gaps in Australian Sign Language for the purposes of health communication George Major, Jemina Napier, Lindsay Ferrara, Trevor Johnston Feb 11, 2013
The person in the room: How relating holistically contributes to an effective patient-care provider alliance Leslie A. Penner, Kerstin Roger Feb 11, 2013
Discourse and policy making on consumer protection in the areas of mobile telecommunication and tanning Christoph Schweikardt, Dominik Gross, Michael Rosentreter Feb 11, 2013
Supportive interchanges and face-work as ‘protective talk’ in an online self-harm support forum Siobhan Sharkey, Janet Smithson, Elaine Hewis, Ray Jones, Tobit Emmens, Tamsin Ford, Christabel Owens Feb 11, 2013
Negotiating roles in pharmacy practice: Interactions across linguistic and cultural barriers Fiona Stevenson, Grant McNulty, Miranda Leontowitsch Feb 11, 2013