Vol 8 No. 1-2 (2012)

Journal: Comparative Islamic Studies

Published: Jul 8, 2014

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Section Title Author Published
Qur’ānic Constitutionalism and Moral Governmentality: Further Notes on the Founding Principles of Islamic Society and Polity Wael B Hallaq Jul 8, 2014
Special Issue: Editorial
Contemporary Salafism: Expressions, Practices and Everyday Living Susanne Olsson, Emin Poljarevic Jul 8, 2014
Special Issue: Articles
Introduction: Salafism, the Social, and the Global Resurgence of Religion Mark Sedgwick May 1, 2014
Swedish Puritan Salafism: A Hijra Within Susanne Olsson May 1, 2014
Moral Geographies and the Disciplining Of Senses Among Swedish Salafis Güney Dogan May 1, 2014
Norwegian Ḥarakī Salafism: “The Saved Sect” Hugs the Infidels Ulrika Mårtensson May 1, 2014
In Pursuit of Authenticity: Becoming a Salafi Emin Poljarevic May 1, 2014
Salafism, State-Politics, and the Question of “Extremism” in Ethiopia Terje Østebø May 1, 2014
Mind the Beard! Deference, Purity and Islamization of Everyday Life as Micro-factors in a Salafi Cultural Epidemiology Jonas Svensson May 1, 2014
Book Reviews
Lost Enlightenment. Central Asia’s Golden Age from the Arab Conquest to Tamerlane Susanne Olsson May 1, 2014
Theorizing Islam: Disciplinary Deconstruction and Reconstruction Emin Poljarevic May 1, 2014
Earth, Empire and Sacred Text: Muslims and Christians as Trustees of Creation, by David L. Johnston Jonathan E Brockopp Jul 8, 2014
Communicating the Word: Revelation, Translation, and Interpretation in Christianity and Islam, edited by David Marshall Michael Graves Jul 8, 2014
Revealed Grace: The Juristic Sufism of Ahmad Sirhindi (1564–1624), by Arthur F. Buehler Brannon Ingram Jul 8, 2014
The Ismailis in the Colonial Era: Modernity, Empire, and Islam, 1839–1969, by Marco Van Grondelle Husein Rashid Jul 8, 2014
Early Orientalism: Imagined Islam and the Notion of Sublime Power, by Ivan Kalmar Sarah A Tobin Jul 8, 2014