Vol 2 No. 2 (2014)

Journal: Health and Social Care Chaplaincy

Published: Mar 10, 2015

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Section Title Author Published
Editorial Chris Swift Feb 25, 2015
Conference Report
Chaplaincy Outcomes – What the Future Looks Like? Steve Nolan Jul 5, 2013
The Use of Rituals, Primarily Related to Grief, in a Hospital Setting: How Are They Helpful and How Can They Be Most Effective? Bronwen Gray Feb 25, 2015
Chaplaincy Support to Bereaved Parents - Part 1: Liturgy, Ritual and Pastoral Presence Mark Newitt Feb 25, 2015
The Importance of Supervision Robin Shohet Feb 25, 2015
“Her need was greater than my ethical dilemmas”: Pastoral, Theological Education John Foskett, Declan McConville Feb 25, 2015
What Do Chaplains Do Now? The Continuous Process of Adaptation Jim Simpson, Margery Collin, Christian Okeke Mar 6, 2015
Developments in Healthcare Chaplaincy in the Netherlands and Scotland: A Content Analysis of Professional Journals Jan Piet Vlasblom, Martin N. Walton, Jenny T. van der Steen, Jaap J. Doolaard, Henk Jochemsen Feb 17, 2015
New Wine? New Wineskins? Values-based Reflections on the Changing Face of Healthcare Chaplaincy Michael Paterson Mar 5, 2015
Book Reviews
Daniel S. Schipani, ed., Multifaith Views in Spiritual Care. Ontario: Pandora Press, 2013, 177 pp. (Pbk). ISBN: 9-781-92659-930-4, £24.75. Lindsay B. Carey Feb 9, 2015
Elizabeth MacKinlay, Palliative Care, Ageing and Spirituality: A Guide for Older People, Carers and Families. London: Jessica Kingsley, 2012, 141 pp. (Pbk). ISBN: 9-781-84905-290-0, £12.99. Margaret Whipp Mar 5, 2015
Elizabeth MacKinlay and Corinne Trevitt, Finding Meaning in the Experience of Dementia: The Place of Spiritual Reminiscence Work. London: Jessica Kingsley, 2012, 302 pp. (Pbk). ISBN: 9-781-84905-248-1, £22.99. Margaret Whipp Mar 5, 2015
Sally Read, The Day Hospital. Northumberland: Bloodaxe, 2012, 64 pp. (Pbk) ISBN: 9-781-85224-948-9, £8.95. Mark Stobert Mar 5, 2015