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Journal: CALICO Journal

Published: Apr 28, 2021

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Section Title Author Published
Application of Immersive Virtual Reality to Pragmatics Data Collection Method: Insights from Interviews Naoko Taguchi Jan 2, 2021
Teachers’ Perceptions and Experiences with CALL for the Newly Arrived in Swedish as a Second Language Anna Hell, Shannon Sauro Jan 2, 2021
A Video-Conferencing English-Spanish eTandem Exchange: Negotiated Interaction and Acquisition German Arellano-Soto, Susan Parks Feb 12, 2021
Book Reviews
Flipped Instruction Methods and Digital Technologies in the Language Learning Classroom Christian Ludwig Feb 11, 2021
Recent Tools for Computerand Mobile-Assisted Foreign Language Learning Mahmoud Amer Feb 12, 2021
Mobile Lenses on Learning: Languages and Literacies on the Move Talip Gönülal Feb 12, 2021
Learning Technology Reviews
Pimsleur Lisa A. Frumkes Feb 11, 2021