Vol 1 No. 4 (1994)

Journal: Perfect Beat

Published: Oct 3, 2015

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Section Title Author Published
North Meets South Philip Hayward, Tony Mitchell, Roy Shukar Oct 3, 2015
WHAT THE AIR WAS LIKE UP THERE: Overseas Music and Local Reception in the 1960s MICHAEL FLINT Michael Flint Oct 3, 2015
CLIMBING THE ROCK: The New Zealand Music Industry Roy Shuker Oct 3, 2015
FLYING IN THE FACE OF FASHION: Independent Music in New Zealand Tony Mitchell Oct 3, 2015
STRUGGLING TO MAKE OURSELVES HEARD: Music, Radio and The Quota Debate Michael Pickering, Roy Shuker Oct 3, 2015
TE WA WHAKAPAOHO ITE REO IRIRANGI: Some Directions in Maori Radio Helen Wilson Oct 3, 2015
LET'S GO TO FRENZY A Brief History of New Zealand Music TV and Music Video Bruce Sheridan, Philip Hayward Oct 3, 2015