Vol 2 No. 2 (2015)

Journal: Journal of Research Design and Statistics in Linguistics and Communication Science

Published: Jul 19, 2016

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Section Title Author Published
Preliminaries Stefan Th. Gries, Pascual Cantos-Gómez Jul 14, 2016
The effect of varying intercepts on findings in sociophonetic data: Some observations from Caleño Spanish Michael S. Gradoville, Earl K. Brown, Richard J. File-Muriel Jul 14, 2016
Translation of the Voynich Manuscript using the Differential Abstraction Method Milton Kim Jul 14, 2016
Cognitive and linguistic factors affecting the selection of landscapes in the Corpus of Language and Nature Jesús Romero-Trillo, Tíscar Espigares Jul 14, 2016
Book Reviews
Research Methods in Interpreting: A Practical Resource Sandra Hale and Jemina Napier (2013) Chao Han Jul 14, 2016