Vol 3 No. 1 (2016)

Journal: Journal of Islamic Archaeology

Published: Sep 12, 2016

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Section Title Author Published
The Silk Road or the Sea? Sasanian and Islamic Exports to Japan Seth Priestman Sep 9, 2016
Majdal Yābā: The History and Material Culture of a Fortified Village in Late Ottoman- and British Mandate-Palestine Tsvika Tsuk, Iosi Bordowicz, Itamar Taxel Sep 9, 2016
In Search of Sibākh: Digging Up Egypt from Antiquity to the Present Day Anthony T Quickel, Gregory Williams Sep 9, 2016
The Trodden Path: GIS-analyses of Settlement and Mobility Patterns in Western Sicily during the Islamic Period Antonio Rotolo Sep 9, 2016
Book Reviews
The Shrines of the ʿAlids in Medieval Syria: Sunnis, Shiʿis and the Architecture of Coexistence by Stephennie Mulder. Edinburgh Studies in Islamic Art. Edinburgh University Press, 2014. 320pp., 137 figs. (color and b/w), 6 maps. £75 / $120. ISBN-13: 97807 Marcus Milwright Sep 9, 2016
Le Maroc médiéval: Un empire de l’Afrique à l’Espagne edited by Yannick Lintz, Claire Déléry and Bulle Tuil Leonetti. Éditions Hazan / Musée du Louvre, 2014. Hb., 616pp., approx 350 illustrations, 49€. ISBN-13: 9782754107891 and 9782350314907 Mariam Rosser-Owen Sep 9, 2016
Mantai. City by the Sea by John Carswell, Siran Deraniyagala and Alan Graham. Linden Soft Verlag, 2013. Hb., 552pp., 350 illustrations (tables, figures, and maps; colour/b&w), £56. ISBN-13: 9783929290394 Stéphane Pradines Sep 9, 2016
Nishapur Revisited: Stratigraphy and Ceramics of the Qohandez by Rocco Rante and Annabelle Collinet, with contributions by Rajabali Labbaf Khaniki and the C2RMF. Oxbow Books, 2013. Pb. 212pp., 105 col. illus., £40. ISBN-13: 9781842174944 Rosalind Wade Haddon Sep 9, 2016