Vol 4 No. 1 (2017)

Journal: Journal of Contemporary Archaeology

Published: Dec 4, 2017

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Section Title Author Published
The Maison du Mage Project: What Remains for Archaeology? Quentin Letesson, Simon Jusseret Nov 28, 2017
Submarines in the Silent World: Exploring Films as an Archaeological Record Mirja Arnshav, Anna McWilliams Nov 28, 2017
Material Life Histories of the Missile Crisis (1962): Cuban Examples of a Soviet Nuclear Missile Hangar and US Marston Mats Anders Gustafsson, Javier Iglesias Camargo, Håkan Karlsson, Gloria M. Miranda González Jun 7, 2017
Photo Essays
Flaming Smokestacks: Kojo Moe and Night-time Factory Tourism in Japan Hilary Orange Nov 28, 2017
Wonder of the Ruin: Aesthetics of the Derelict Synagogue in Poland Petar Cvijović Nov 28, 2017
“A Thing is its Own Best Mask”: Antagonisms of the Architectural Wrap Colin Sterling Nov 28, 2017
Research Article
Future World: Anticipatory Archaeology, Materially Affective Capacities and the Late Human Legacy Leila Alexandra Dawney, Oliver J. T. Harris, Tim Flohr Sørensen Nov 28, 2017
Extended Photo Essay
32 Eyes: Archaeology and the Subjective Gaze Anna S. Beck, Tim Flohr Sørensen Nov 28, 2017
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Click here to view the online gallery Extended Photo Essay Dec 5, 2017