Vol 4 No. 2 (2017)

Journal: Journal of World Popular Music

Published: Dec 6, 2017

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Section Title Author Published
Editors’ Introduction Simone Krüger Bridge, Sarah Baker, Raphaël Nowak Nov 29, 2017
Music and Subalternity in Argentina and Brazil
Introduction to the Special Issue: Music and Subalternity through the Popular and Periphery, or How to Use Popular Music for Several Debates at the same Time Pablo Alabarces, Felipe Trotta Oct 14, 2017
Haters beyond the Hate: Stigma and Prejudice against Funk Carioca on YouTube Simone Pereira de Sá, Simone Evangelista Cunha Oct 13, 2017
“Argentina is cumbia”: Sociocultural Trajectories of Young “Cumbieros” in Urban Peripheries Malvina Silba Oct 13, 2017
Brazilian Soul and Argentinian Jazz: Style, Consumption and Racialized Identities in Argentina and Brazil Berenice Corti, Luciana Xavier de Oliveira Oct 24, 2017
Relentless Denial: Female Homosexuality in Tango Mercedes Liska Oct 24, 2017
Questionable Tastes: Women, Love Songs and Gender Subalternity Carolina Spataro Nov 29, 2017
“Tomorrow never knows”: The Influence of the Beatles’ Music in Brazil Gustavo Alonso Oct 14, 2017
Disciplinary Perspectives on Popular Music
The Moral of the Story: Making Ethnomusicology Matter in the Twenty-first Century Michael B. Bakan Nov 29, 2017
Some Notes on Popular Music in my (Professional) Life Bruno Nettl Nov 29, 2017
Pop-Rock as Musical Cosmopolitanism Motti Regev Oct 3, 2017
Popular Music and National Identity
Book Review: Rebecca M. Bodenheimer Geographies of Cubanidad: Place, Race and Musical Performance in Contemporary Cuba Iván Darias Alfonso Sep 23, 2017
Book Review: Irene Morra Britishness, Popular Music, and National Identity: The Making of Modern Britain Nabeel Zuberi Sep 23, 2017
Book Review: Jonathyne Briggs Sounds French: Globalisation, Cultural Communities, and Pop Music, 1958–1980 Ben Green Sep 23, 2017
Book Review: Uroš Čvoro Turbo-Folk Music and Cultural Representations of National Identity in Former Yugoslavia Dijana Jelača Nov 29, 2017
Book Review: Dafni Tragaki, ed. Empire of Song: Europe and Nation in the Eurovision Song Contest and Karen Fricker and Milija Gluhovic, eds. Performing the “New” Europe: Identities, Feelings and Politics in the Eurovision Song Contest Peter Mills Sep 23, 2017