Vol 14 No. 1-2 (2020)

Journal: Sociolinguistic Studies

Published: Oct 2, 2020

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Section Title Author Published
Material narration of nostalgia: The linguistic landscape of a rural township in Australia Xiaofang Yao May 15, 2020
A linguistic ethnography of geomapped small stories: Semiotic landscape and narrative interaction William Kelleher May 15, 2020
Coming out and normative shifts: Investigating usage patterns of gay and homosexual in a corpus of news reports on Ricky Martin Heiko Motschenbacher May 15, 2020
Quotatives in English and Spanish among bilinguals Joseph Kern May 15, 2020
The voice of Polan[t]: The acquisition of English (t,d) variation by Polish migrants in Edinburgh Agata Daleszynska-Slater, Miriam Meyerhoff May 15, 2020
Polish word-final nasal vowels: Variation and, potentially, change Karolina Baranowska, Kamil Kaźmierski May 15, 2020
¿La reversión de un cambio lingüístico? Pasado y presente de la variación en las relativas oblicuas de lugar en español José Luis Blas Arroyo May 15, 2020
Apéndices interrogativos de control de contacto en el habla de inmigrantes colombianos en Madrid: hacia la convergencia con la comunidad de acogida Ana M. Cestero Mancera May 15, 2020
Identity and Dialect Performance: A Study of Communities and Dialects Reem Bassiouney (eds) (2017) Silvia de Pompeis May 15, 2020
Bilingualism in the Community. Codeswitching and Grammars in Contact Rena Torres Cacoullos and Catherine E. Travis (2018) Ana M. Carvalho May 15, 2020
The Tyranny of Writing: Ideologies of the Written Word Constanze Weth and Kasper Juffermans (eds) (2018) Angela Bartens May 15, 2020
Small Dictionaries and Curiosity: Lexicography and Fieldwork in Post-Medieval Europe John Considine (2017) Janne Skaffari May 15, 2020