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Castles and Landscapes

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Castles were among the most dominant features of the medieval landscape and many remain impressive structures to the present day. This paperback edition of a book first published in hardback in 2002 is a fascinating and provocative study which looks at castles in a new light, using the theories and methods of landscape studies. For the first time castles are examined not as an isolated phenomenon, but in relation to their surrounding human as well as physical landscapes. Taking a thematic approach, the study examines a broad range of evidence - archaeological, documentary and topographical - to put castles back into the medieval landscape and assess their contribution to its evolution. Far more than simply a book about castles, this is a study of the impact of power and authority on the landscape

Published: Feb 1, 2005


Section Chapter Authors
Foreword John Schofield
List of Figures O.H. Creighton
Acknowledgements O.H. Creighton
Introduction O.H. Creighton
Castles and Their Contexts O.H. Creighton
Castle Siting and Distribution O.H. Creighton
The Castle as Icon: Landscapes of Status and Symbolism O.H. Creighton
The Castle as Estate Centre: Tenurial Landscapes O.H. Creighton
Power, Patronage and Parish: Castles and Ecclesiastical Lansdcapes O.H. Creighton
Castles and Urbanism O.H. Creighton
Castles in the Countryside O.H. Creighton
Overview O.H. Creighton
End Matter
Glossary O.H. Creighton
Bibliography O.H. Creighton
Index O.H. Creighton

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.... a must-read, not just for castle buffs, but for anyone interested in the English medieval landscape Landscape History  In what will become a standard text, Creighton has set down an important marker, and this volume not only relates in great detail our current state of knowledge, but also suggests important lines of research for the future. Medieval Archaeology XLIX

The book is masterly, with a massing of details which holds your attention. Current Archaeology