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Studies in the Archaeology of Medieval Europe

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Conceived by John Schofield, this series has as its aim to bring together the results of an ever expanding archaeological resource to explore the diverse – but often interconnected - landscapes, places, materials, people and expressions of Europe across the first half of the second millennium AD. These volumes are not just syntheses, however. Written by experts in their field, they bring together old and new studies of town and country, industry and trade, houses and beliefs, but challenge these data to ask much more fully of the character and evolution of the medieval past and heritage. These volumes can be thus introductions, they can inform specialists in their field, they can broaden our vision across a wider geographical stage, and they can stimulate new work and new thinking.

The series has already offered volumes that explore territories, cities (John Schofield’s London 1100-1600) and themes (Oliver Creighton’s Castles and Landscapes). New volumes are in production and have been commissioned – including on the North Sea World, on Irish Religious Landscapes, Medieval Visby and Gotland, Medieval Rome and Medieval Sicily – and we are keen to hear from prospective authors or editors with ideas for new monographs to expand and enhance the series’ coverage. And we welcome ideas that might challenge readers but also connect them – topical themes such as Migration, for example, or ever-present aspects such as Death.

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