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Continuing Discourse on Language

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Continuing Discourse on Language offers a selective account of the evolution of important aspects of M.A.K. Halliday’s Systemic Functional Linguistics over the last couple of decades. This edition brings together the two volumes, originally published separately, as one book for the first time.

The range of topics covered here includes not only certain fundamental concepts at the level of theory but also an account of the range of applications enabled by the descriptive framework that the theory has generated.

Given its acclaimed perspective on language as social semiotic, SFL has always located semiotic activity in relation to human life. In this collection, internationally recognised authors demonstrate the ways in which SFL relates to recent research on cognition, on socio-cultural contexts, and in computational linguistics. A theory is only as good as the description and application it enables: conceptualising the relations of theory and practice as a dialectic, SFL has created a framework for the analysis of language from the level of cultural context to that of the media for semiotic expressions.

Continuing Discourse on Language provides an insight into the continuing evolution of the impressive range of frames of description and their applications. From typology to multi-modality; from models of discourse analysis to translation and stylistics; from the role of language in knowledge construal to language education; genre based pedagogy and web based learning: this collection provides a rich resource for students and researchers in language study for understanding, practicing and applying a linguistics keenly aware of the role of language in social life.

Published: Nov 1, 2005

Book Contributors

Section Chapter Authors
VOLUME ONE - Preliminaries to Volume One
Frontispiece Ruqaiya Hasan
Congratulations to M. A. K. Halliday on the occasion of your 80th birthday Ruqaiya Hasan, Jonathan Webster, Christian Matthiessen
Part I The beginnings
1. M. A. K. Halliday: the early years, 1925–1970 Jonathan J. Webster
2. The development of systemic functional linguistics in China Fang Yan, Zhang Delu, Edward McDonald, Huang Guowen
3. Introduction: a working model of language Ruqaiya Hasan
Part II Around language
4. Language and society in a systemic functional perspect Ruqaiya Hasan
5. Method and imagination in Halliday’s science of linguistics David Butt
6. The interpersonal gateway to the meaning of mind; unifying the inter- and intraorganism perspective on language Paul J. Thibault
7. Topics in Multimodality Radan Martinec
Part III With Language
8. What people do to know: the construction of knowledge as a social-semiotic activity Astika Kappagoda
9. Developing dimensions of an educational linguistics Frances Christie, Len Unsworth
10. Designing literacy pedagogy: scaffolding democracy in the classroom J. R. Martin, David Rose
11. Grammatics in schools Geoff Williams
12. SFL in text-based, web-enhanced language study Carol Torsello, Anthony Baldry
13. SFL in computational contexts: a contemporary history Michael O'Donnell, John Bateman
14. Acquired language disorders: some functional insights Beth Armstrong, Alison Ferguson, Lynne Mortensen, Leanne Togher
15. SFL and the study of literature Annabelle Lukin, Jonathan J. Webster
16. Semantic variation Geoff Williams
17. Halliday and translation theory: enhancing the options, broadening the range and keeping the ground Erich Steiner
VOLUME TWO - Preliminaries to Volume Two
Word as Linguist Edwin Thumboo
Part IV Inside language
18. The ‘architecture’ of language according to systemic functional theory: developments since the 1970s Christian Matthiessen
19. From microfunction to metaphor: learning language and learning through language Clare Painter, Beverly Derewianka, Jane Torr
20. The work of concepts: context and metafunction in the systemic functional model David Butt, Rebekah Wegener
21. Field and multimodal texts Wendy Bowcher
22. Models of discourse Carmel Cloran, Lynne Young, Virginia Stuart-Smith
23. Unfolding theme: the development of clausal and textual perspectives on theme Geoff Williams
24. Semantic networks: the description of linguistic meaning in SFL Ruqaiya Hasan, Carmel Cloran, Geoff Williams, Annabelle Lukin
25. Invoking attitude: the play of graduation in appraising discourse Sue Hood, J. R. Martin
26. Lexicogrammar in systemic functional linguistics: descriptive and theoretical developments in the ‘IFG’ tradition since the 1970s Christian Matthiessen
27. Typology of MOOD: a text-based and system-based functional view Kazuhiro Teruya, Ernest Akerejola, Alice Caffarel, Julia Lavid, Thomas H. Andersen, Uwe Helm Petersen, Pattama Patpong, Flemming Smedegaard, Christian Matthiessen
28. Auxiliary Extensions: six new elements for describing English Robin Fawcett
29. Between lexis and grammar: towards a systemic functional approach to phraseology Gordon Tucker
30. Intonation in systemic functional linguistics William S. Greaves †
End Matter
The Published Works of M.A.K. Halliday Ruqaiya Hasan
List of contributors Ruqaiya Hasan
Index Ruqaiya Hasan

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