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The Archaeology of the Irish Sea Region, 1100 - 1500

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This book will examine the archaeological evidence for life in Western Britain and Ireland between the years 1100 and 1500. Themes to be discussed in this publication will include new research on elite residences (including castles), the Church, the countryside, towns and cities, trade and communications. A section will also examine the development of medieval archaeology as a study over the last hundred years in the different countries that make up the region.

A number of important questions will be asked in the book. For example, is there any coherence to the archaeology of the Irish Sea region during the period under review? Are there common threads to be seen right across the region? What were the major changes that took place in society over the course of these four hundred years and can these be recognised in the archaeological record? Difference will also be noted and discussed in depth in the publication. In this respect, one major theme running throughout the book will be to compare and contrast the surviving archaeological evidence for the so-called mainstream Anglo-Norman / English world with the contemporary native cultures of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. For example, it will be argued that Gaelic and Welsh princes and lords of the first rank demonstrated their status in somewhat different ways to Norman and later English magnates.

Published: Dec 1, 2019