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Teaching Linguistics

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At some point in our past, human beings evolved the incredibly complex natural language systems which we all take for granted but without which we would not be able to communicate in the ways we do with each other, have civilizations, be able to contemplate the future and to change it. In the last hundred years we have begun to understand how these communication systems work. We know much about how we make speech sounds, organise them into words, the words into sentences and how the words and sentences we produce mean what they do. The subject within whose confines these discoveries have been made is linguistics. The knowledge we now have is passed on by teachers of linguistics many of whom are gifted and committed. Yet we know little about how they see their commitments to their subject. This book is the first to give teachers of linguistics the chance to reflect on their professional practice as teachers and thus to share their enthusiasms, their strategies and their personal approaches to their subject.

Published: Mar 1, 2011

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Section Chapter Authors
List of Contributors Koenraad Kuiper
Foreword Brian Joseph
Acknowledgements Koenraad Kuiper
Introduction Koenraad Kuiper
A toolbox for teaching phonetics Jen Hay
Learning phonology as a way to learn how theories are improved Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy
Teaching morphology Laurie Bauer
Teaching syntax Sandra Chung
Teaching formal semantics Barbara Partee
Teaching pragmatics Christopher Potts
Teaching historical linguistics: A personal memoir Harold Koch
Teaching sociolinguistics Miriam Meyerhoff
Psycholinguistics for linguists Paul Warren
Teaching linguistic approaches to nonliteral language or We really knew how to have fun Diana Van Lancker Sidtis
Teaching language acquisition Susan Foster-Cohen
The value of linguistics to the ESL/EFL classroom practitioner David Mendelsohn
Games for exploring language origins and change Alison Wray
LING101 Koenraad Kuiper
‘Beyond compare’: Supervising postgraduate research Janet Holmes
Field methods: Where the rubber meets the road Wes Collins
‘Two loaves where there seems to be one’: Metaphors we teach by Kate Burridge
Index Koenraad Kuiper

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'Reading this book is like stumbling into a department coffee hour where all the best teachers are, without time pressure, available and willing to share their teaching philosophies and tips. Given the scarcity of such opportunities,Teaching Linguistics is useful for provoking thought about linguistics, and about how best to engage students in appreciating its complexities.'
Journal of Sociolinguistics
16.5, November 2012

'This book is an incredible journey through the experiences of accomplished educators who share not only their insights but, in many cases, their actual classroom activities. An added benefit comes at the end of each chapter where the authors provide autobiographical information that further illuminates their perspectives and teaching priorities. This book is a unique text that offers educators the opportunity to reflect on their practices through the experience of seasoned professionals.'
eLanguage (posted September 14th, 2012)

‘This volume is, as best I can tell, the first of its kind in the vast literature on linguistics, or at the very least, it is one of the few such collections around. I found myself agreeing with the authors repeatedly on point after point, and so it is clear to me that this is a work that all of us should turn to again and again for inspiration and insight.’
Brian Joseph, Professor of Linguistics, Ohio State University

'I truly enjoyed this book, which I believe might be unique in its concept. I’ll go back to it again and again, for those specific lessons, websites, and for inspiration. KK achieves his goal: convincing the reader of his message that more students in linguistics make more future teacher-scholars.'
Te Reo, 54 (2011)