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Falco and Beyond

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Falco and Beyond is devoted to the most popular Austrian song-writer, singer and rapper of the twentieth century and one of the most successful European singers of all time. Falco was born in 1957, reached the peak of his popularity in the 1980s with songs such as Der Kommissar, Rock Me Amadeus and Jeanny, with mixed luck attempted to revive his career in the 1990s and died in a car crash in 1998. He sold over 30 million records worldwide and remains a successful posthumous artist.

The book attempts to identify the most salient and contradictory features of Falco’s art, such as linguistic inventiveness and dexterity, rapping and adopting a posture of a romantic artist. It argues that Falco’s songs betray an apocalyptic imagination, picturing the image of an exhausted and unhappy world. It looks at Falco’s career and his phenomenon in the context of international and Austrian music business and politics, and investigates how his popularity has been maintained after his death, by means such as records released posthumously, cover versions of his songs, mashup songs and videos, biographies and Falco fandom.

Published: Apr 1, 2014


Section Chapter Authors
List of Illustrations Ewa Mazierska
Acknowledgements Ewa Mazierska
Introduction Ewa Mazierska
PART I Falco and the Logic of the Neoliberal Culture Industry
1 The concept of the culture industry Ewa Mazierska
2 The culture industry under neoliberal regime Ewa Mazierska
PART II Falco Synchronic: Romanticism and Intertextuality
3 Ganz allein und so romantisch: beyond classes and masses Ewa Mazierska
4 Falco’s many languages: local, national and transnational Ewa Mazierska
5 Falco’s many clothes and friends Ewa Mazierska
6 Der weiße Schwarze: the uses and meanings of Falco’s rap Ewa Mazierska
7 “And then I waste it…”: scandalizing in the age of neoliberalism Ewa Mazierska
PART III Falco Diachronic: From Grace to Gravity
8 The 1970s: leaving the Hallucination Company behind Ewa Mazierska
9 The 1980s: the stories of Brill(i)ant(in) Brutal Ewa Mazierska
10 The 1990s: return to monarchy Ewa Mazierska
11 Into the light Ewa Mazierska
PART IV Falco Lebt: Mourning and Melancholia
12 Life beyond death Ewa Mazierska
13 Torch bearers and vampires, or mourning and earning Ewa Mazierska
14 Burial and grave Ewa Mazierska
15 The culture industry looks back at Falco’s career Ewa Mazierska
16 Mourning as therapy Ewa Mazierska
17 Mourning as an act of revenge and forgiveness Ewa Mazierska
18 Falco Symphonic Ewa Mazierska
19 Falco schmolli-ed Ewa Mazierska
20 In a shadow of the original: Falco – Verdammt, wir leben noch! Ewa Mazierska
21 Falco (dis)covered Ewa Mazierska
22 Falco commented on by his fans Ewa Mazierska
23 Falco and I Ewa Mazierska
Notes Ewa Mazierska
Discography Ewa Mazierska
Bibliography Ewa Mazierska
Index Ewa Mazierska

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