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Semantics: A Cognitive Account of Linguistic Meaning is a comprehensive introduction to the study of the meaning of linguistic expressions in English: words and sentences. In conducting the analysis, it draws on two sources. First, it relies on the assumptions of Cognitive Linguistics, which describes language as being non-modular, symbolic, usage-based, meaningful and creative. Second, it hinges on the assumptions of Cognitive Semantics, which describes meaning as being embodied, motivated, dynamic, encyclopaedic and conceptualised. It explicates these assumptions clearly and applies them to diverse areas of language. Ultimately, it enables students to recognise the complexity of the English linguistic system, and trains them to solve the intricate puzzles characterising its nature.

Published: Jan 1, 2016

Section Chapter Authors
Preface Zeki Hamawand
Acknowledgements Zeki Hamawand
Part I: Fundamentals
1.The nature of meaning Zeki Hamawand
2. Lexical semantics Zeki Hamawand
3. Sentential semantics Zeki Hamawand
Part II: Underpinnings
4. Guiding assumptions Zeki Hamawand
5. Conceptual structures Zeki Hamawand
6. Cognitive mechanisms Zeki Hamawand
Part III: Operations
7. Categorization Zeki Hamawand
8. Configuration Zeki Hamawand
9. Conceptualization Zeki Hamawand
End Matter
Glossary Zeki Hamawand
Further Reading Zeki Hamawand
Answer Key Zeki Hamawand
Index Zeki Hamawand