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Key Terms for Language Teachers

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With contributions by Víctor Parra-Guinaldo, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Key Terms for Language Teachers provides a clear and accurate definition of key terms and aspects of language learning and teaching. Curriculum and language teaching materials must be genuinely informed by what we know about the nature and role of language and language acquisition. This Pocket Guide peels back the complexity of some of the key terms and aspects in language learning and teaching to reveal some basic notions that readers should know about. Key features of this guide are: • easy, reader-friendly style with no citations • jargon avoided where possible • technical terms explained in context • summaries of main points provided • suggestions for additional reading Divided into eighteen main entries, this guide is written to avoid a scholarly style and tone using a reader-friendly approach. Key readings are provided at the end of each entry. Easily readable and accessible to specialist and non-specialist readers, this Pocket Guide provides a comprehensive overview of language and language acquisition.

Published: Jan 27, 2022

Section Chapter Authors
Acknowledgements Alessandro Benati
About the Author Alessandro Benati
About this Book Alessandro Benati
Introduction Alessandro Benati
Chapter 1
Age Alessandro Benati
Chapter 2
Communication Alessandro Benati
Chapter 3
Corrective Feedback Alessandro Benati
Chapter 4
Explicit and Implicit Alessandro Benati
Chapter 5
Focus on Form Alessandro Benati
Chapter 6
Input Alessandro Benati
Chapter 7
Instruction Alessandro Benati
Chapter 8
Interaction and Negotiation of Meaning Alessandro Benati
Chapter 9
Language Alessandro Benati, Víctor Parra-Guinaldo
Chapter 10
Language Tasks Alessandro Benati
Chapter 11
Language Tests Alessandro Benati
Chapter 12
Language Teaching Method Alessandro Benati
Chapter 13
Learning and Acquisition Alessandro Benati, Víctor Parra-Guinaldo
Chapter 14
L1 and L2 Acquisition Alessandro Benati
Chapter 15
Motivation Alessandro Benati
Chapter 16
Output Alessandro Benati
Chapter 17
The Role of the Instructor and the Learner Alessandro Benati
Chapter 18
Working Memory Alessandro Benati
Epilogue Alessandro Benati
End Matter
Bibliography Alessandro Benati


As well as addressing the meaning of key terms in relation to language instruction, learning and acquisition, the volume focuses throughout on myths and misconceptions about language teaching and learning which is especially useful.
As a reference and summary of research in key areas, the book is considered to be invaluable for both experienced and early career ELT teachers, as well as useful for trainees, keen on developing their knowledge, but for whom the academic literature is less easily accessible.