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Reflecting on Leadership in Language Education

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Although there are many aspects of language education that have been extensively covered in the literature, Leadership in Language Education (LiLE) has received very little attention in recent years.

Reflecting on Leadership in Language Education puts Reflective Practice (RP) front-and-centre, the first time that RP has been positioned at the forefront of leadership development in language education. It is also the first book to bring together half a millennium of LiLE experience in a single volume. As the generations of TESOL professionals representing diverse languages and cultures who came into the field in the 1970s and the 1980s are starting to retire, this volume will capture their insights from lived experience of leadership for generations to come.

Published: Jan 1, 2022


Section Chapter Authors
Reflecting on Leadership in Times of Crisis Andy Curtis
Chapter 1
Introduction to The Part One Responses: Learning from the Life Stories of Others Andy Curtis
Chapter 2
Introduction to The Part Two Responses: The Multiplicity of Meanings of ‘RP’ Andy Curtis
Chapter 3
Introduction to The Part Three Responses: The Challenges of Doing RP Andy Curtis
Chapter 4
Introduction to The Part Four Responses: Reflecting on Leadership Challenges in Language Education Andy Curtis
Chapter 5
Recapping and Reflecting Forward Andy Curtis