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Pagan Religions in Five Minutes

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Pagan Religions in Five Minutes provides an accessible set of essays on questions relating to Pagan identities and practices, both historically and in contemporary societies. As well as informative essays on different Pagan groups, such as Druidry, Wicca, Heathenry and others, the book includes answers to a range of questions such as: How many Pagans are there? What do Pagans believe? Is Paganism a real religion or is it just made-up? Is Satanism a type of paganism? Do all Pagans celebrate the solstices? Why is it written “Pagan” and other times “pagan”? Do they have sacred texts? Is Druidry the indigenous religion of Europe? What does the pentagram symbol mean? Can women be priests? Are Pagans anti-Christian? The book also covers issues with terminology, including the labelling of ancient, non-Western and indigenous groups as ‘pagan’; common assumptions and misconceptions about Pagans, and more.

Each essay is by a leading scholar in the field offering clear and concise answers along with suggestions for further reading. The book is ideal for both the curious and as an entry book for classroom use and studying Paganism.

Because each chapter can be read in about five minutes, the books offer ideal supplementary resources in classrooms or an engaging read for those curious about the world around them.

Published: Jul 1, 2024

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