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Pagan Religions in Five Minutes

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Pagan Religions in Five Minutes provides an accessible set of essays on questions relating to Pagan identities and practices, both historically and in contemporary societies as well as informative essays on different Pagan groups, such as Druidry, Wicca, Heathenry and others. The book includes answers to a range of questions such as: How many Pagans are there? What do Pagans believe? Is Paganism a real religion or is it just made-up? Is Satanism a type of Paganism? Do all Pagans celebrate the solstices? Why is it written “Pagan” and other times “pagan”? Do they have sacred texts? Is Druidry the indigenous religion of Europe? What does the pentagram symbol mean? Can anyone be a witch? Are Pagans anti-Christian? The book also covers issues with terminology, including the labelling of ancient, non-Western and indigenous groups as ‘pagan’, common assumptions and misconceptions about Pagans, and more.

Each essay is by a leading scholar in the field, offering clear and concise answers along with suggestions for further reading. The book is ideal for both the curious and as an entry book for classroom use and studying Paganism.

Because each chapter can be read in about five minutes, the books offer ideal supplementary resources in classrooms or an engaging read for those curious about the world around them.

Published: Oct 1, 2024

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Section Chapter Authors
Foreword Ronald Hutton
Preface Suzanne Owen, Angela Puca
1. What is Paganism? Angela Puca
2. Is Paganism a Religion? Suzanne Owen
3. What is the Difference between Pagan, pagan, Paganism and neo-Paganism? Graham Harvey
4. How did Modern Paganism Begin? Sabina Magliocco
5. What is the Relationship between Ancient and Contemporary Paganism? Caroline Tully
6. How Many Pagans are There? Vivianne Crowley
7. Are Most Pagans Solitary Practitioners? Helen Berger
8. What is a Pagan Worldview? Graham Harvey
9. Is there Anything Common to All Pagan Religions? Jennifer Uzzell
10. Is Paganism a Nature Religion? Ethan Doyle White
11. How do Pagans View Nature and the Environment? Chas Clifton
12. Do Pagans have Sacred Sites? Ethan Doyle White
13. Do All Pagans Follow the Same Festivals? Douglas Ezzy
14. Do Pagans Have a Holy Book Like the Bible? Denise Cush
15. What is the Relationship between Theosophy and Paganism? Yves Muehlematter
Pagan Religions
16. Can a Pagan Follow More than One Path or Tradition? Caroline Tully
17. What is the Difference between Hard and Soft Polytheism? Jefferson Calico
18. What is the Difference between an Eclectic and a Traditional Pagan or Witch? Angela Puca
19. Are All Witches Pagan? Mary Hamner
20. Can Anyone be Called a “Witch”? Francesca Po
21. What is the Difference between Wicca and Witchcraft? Mary Hamner
22. What is Heathenry? Jefferson Calico
23. What is the Difference between Druidism and Druidry? Jennifer Uzzell
24. Is Druidry the Indigenous Religion of Europe? Suzanne Owen
25. What are Techno Pagans? Chris Miller
26. What was Ancient Slavic “Paganism”? Giuseppe Maiello
27. What is Romuva in Lithuania? Milda Alisauskiene
28. Is Romuva an Official Religion in Lithuania? Rasa Pranskevičiūtė-Amoson
29. How has Paganism Developed in Brazil? Karina Bezerra
Pagan Beliefs and Practices
30. How do Pagans Conceive of Gods? Vivianne Crowley
31. Is there Salvation in Paganism? Michael York
32. Can a Person have Pagan Beliefs without being Pagan? Alessandro Testa
33. Are Some Pagans Atheist? Sarah Lisbeth
34. Do Pagans Worship Ancestors? Jennifer Uzzell
35. What are Pagan Ethics? Michael York
36. How do Pagans Interact with Deities and Spirits? Jenny Butler
37. What does a Pagan Minister do? Holli Emore
38. What does the Pentacle Symbol Mean to Pagans? Angela Puca
39. Do Pagans Believe in Reincarnation or Life after Death? Jennifer Uzzell
40. Do Pagans Practise Ritual Sex? Angela Puca
41. Are Astrology and Tarot Part of Paganism? Francesca Po
42. How do Pagans View Magic? Karina Bezerra
43. Is there a Difference between Magic and Magick? Caroline Tully
44. What is Chaos Magic? Isis Mrugalla
45. Do Pagans Use the Internet for their Religion? Franz Winter
46. Is Christmas a Pagan Festival? Alessandro Testa
47. Is Carnival a Pagan Festival? Alessandro Testa
48. Are Halloween and Easter Pagan Festivals? Jenny Butler
Pagan Discussions
49. Do Pagans Practise Sacrifice? Jefferson Calico
50. Are Satanism and Paganism the Same? Ethan Doyle White
51. What Explains the Enduring Bias against Pagans? Franz Winter
52. Is there Antipathy between Pagans and Christians? Denise Cush
53. Can a Christian Also be a Pagan? Rhiannon Grant
54. Can Paganism be Applied to non-European Religions, Such as Shinto? Douglas Ezzy
55. Can Witchdoctors and Africana Spiritual Traditions be Regarded as Pagan? Mary Hearns-Ayodele
56. How Much of Paganism is Based on Cultural Appropriation? Sabina Magliocco
57. Do Pagans have Particular Political Views? Ethan Doyle White
58. Is there a Problem with Fascism in Contemporary Paganism? Amy Hale
59. Were Pagans Involved in the War in Ukraine? Giuseppe Maiello
60. Why do Some Polytheists Reject the Term Pagan? Angelo Nasios
61. Is Paganism Empowering to Women and LGBTQI+? Giovanna Parmigiani
62. Is Paganism Queer? [M] Dudeck
63. Why is Witchcraft Popular among Teenagers? Denise Cush
64. Do Pagans Avoid Technology? Chris Miller
65. What is WitchTok? Mary Hamner
66. How do Pagans Use Fiction and Film? Carole Cusack
67. Is Paganism Make-believe? [M] Dudeck
Studying and Teaching Pagan Religions
68. How do scholars study Paganism? Chris Miller
69. Should Pagan Religions be Taught in Schools? Denise Cush
70. Are Contemporary Pagan Religions Indicative of a New Form of Religiosity? Denise Cush