Vol 12 No. 2-3 (2016) Special Issue: Appliable Linguistics and Legal Discourse

Guest Editor: Professor Wang, ZhenhuaMartin Centre for Applicable Linguistics SJTU

Journal: Linguistics and the Human Sciences

Published: Apr 24, 2019

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Section Title Author Published
Legal Discourse: An introduction Wang Zhenhua Jul 26, 2018
Rites of passion: remorse, apology and forgiveness in Youth Justice Conferencing J. R. Martin, Michele Zappavigna Jul 26, 2018
The TRUST Untruthfulness Framework in Forensic Contexts Chris Heffer Jul 26, 2018
From speech role to social role: Judge’s negotiating and controlling in criminal trials in China Zhang Ranran Jul 26, 2018
Credible accounts: What they are and how to obtain them Ray Bull Jul 26, 2018
On the meaning of Feifa Quanyi in Chinese legal language: A semiotic and corpus analysis Michele Mannoni, Deborah Cao Jul 26, 2018
The evolving language of environmental protection in bilateral investment treaties, free trade agreements, and trade promotion agreements Timothy J. Webster Jul 26, 2018
Conceptual metaphor of the nation-state in newly-independent Africa: Kenyatta’s regime state-as-a-family metaphor in Kenyan parliamentary discourse Sammy Gakero Gachigua Jul 26, 2018
An exploration of the legal translator’s subjectivity: Analysis of explicitation and implicitation of connectives in the English-Chinese translation of TRIPS Junjun Shi Jul 26, 2018
Local recontextualization in Chinese-English court decisions translation: A corpus-based study of the recontextualization of nominal groups with de Wu Qijing Jul 26, 2018