Vol 11 No. 4 (2017) Special issue: Globalisation, modernity and enregisterment in contemporary East Asia

Special Issue: Globalisation, modernity and enregisterment in contemporary East Asia.

Guest editors: M. Agnes Kang and Mie Hiramoto

Journal: Gender and Language

Published: Dec 6, 2017

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Section Title Author Published
Special Issue Editorial
Media articulations of gender and sexuality Mie Hiramoto, M. Agnes Kang Mar 23, 2017
Special Issue Articles
Gender stereotype as a vehicle for social change? The case of the Kong Girl M. Agnes Kang, Katherine Hoi Ying Chen Apr 20, 2017
Why do interpreters need to be beautiful? Aesthetic labour of language workers Jinhyun Cho Jan 28, 2017
The Gendered Construction of ‘Inauthentic’ Female Bilinguals in South Korea: Authenticity, English and Gender Lee Jin Choi Jan 28, 2017
Powerfully queered: representations of castrated male characters in Chinese martial arts films Mie Hiramoto Jan 28, 2017
Language and masculinity: the role of Osaka dialect in contemporary ideals of fatherhood Cindi SturtzSreetharan Mar 13, 2017
Sociolinguistics of gender/sexual stereotyping: a transnational perspective Michelle M. Lazar Sep 4, 2017