Vol 15 No. 2 (2018) Special Issue: Interpreter-Mediated Healthcare Encounters

Guest Editor: Srikant Sarangi

Journal: Communication & Medicine

Published: Mar 14, 2020

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Section Title Author Published
Communicative vulnerability and its mutation in interpreter-mediated healthcare encounters Srikant Sarangi Feb 26, 2020
Who is talking now? Role expectations and role materializations in interpreter-mediated healthcare encounters Claudia V. Angelelli Apr 3, 2019
Understanding interpreters’ actions in context Galina B. Bolden Apr 3, 2019
Managing uncertainty in healthcare interpreter-mediated interaction: On rendering question-answer sequences Claudio Baraldi, Laura Gavioli Apr 3, 2019
Involvement, trust and topic control in interpreter-mediated healthcare encounters Cecilia Wadensjö Apr 3, 2019
Mutual (mis)understanding in interpreting in consultations between Turkish immigrant patients and Dutch general practitioners Sione Twilt, Ludwien Meeuwesen, Jan D. ten Thije, Hans Harmsen Apr 3, 2019
Third party insurance?: Interactional role alignment in family member mediated primary care consultations Celia Roberts, Srikant Sarangi Apr 3, 2019
The comparison of shared decision making in monolingual and bilingual health encounters Charlene Pope, Jason Roberson Apr 3, 2019
Triadic medical interaction with a bilingual doctor Louisa Willoughby, Marisa Cordella, Simon Musgrave, Julie Bradshaw Apr 3, 2019
Interpreter-mediated aphasia assessments: Mismatches in frames and professional orientations Peter Roger, Chris Code Apr 3, 2019