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Walking Through Jordan

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The objective of Walking through Jordan is to acknowledge and honor the singular achievements and wider impacts of Jordan’s most prominent survey archaeologist, Burton MacDonald. MacDonald is a biblical scholar by training who has written extensively about the Iron Age and early Christianity. However, unlike many biblical scholars, MacDonald has also undertaken large regional survey projects which encompass the entire gamut of Jordanian prehistory and history. Thus, his work is unique in that it attracts the interest of a wide range of scholars.

Scholars from around the world reflect on three important areas of MacDonald’s archaeological contributions: on archaeological survey in general, including those focusing on methodology and/or field projects that depend to a large extent on surveys, MacDonald’s five major surveys— papers that incorporate data from his field projects and sites tested or excavated by others that were first identified by his work, and the archaeology of the Bronze and Iron Ages, as well as the Roman Period and the early Christian era. Despite his important contributions to prehistoric archaeology, the early historical periods constitute the main emphasis of Burton’s scholarly output.

Published: Nov 17, 2017

Book Contributors

Section Chapter Authors
List of Figures Michael Neeley
List of Tables Michael Neeley
A Note about Place Names Michael Neeley
Chapter 1
Introduction Michael Neeley, Geoffrey Clark, P. M. Michele Daviau
Chapter 2
An Early Bronze Age Basalt Bowl and Macehead from Khirbat al-­‐Mudayna ath-­‐Thamad Steven Edwards
Chapter 3
A Newly Discovered Iron Age II Cave Tomb at Khirbat al-Mudayna on the Wadi ath-­‐Thamad Robert Chadwick
Chapter 4
Industrial Furnishings at Khirbet al-­‐Mudayna ath-­Thamad: Clues from Egyptian Culture P. M. Michele Daviau
Chapter 5
North Jordan during the Early Iron Age: An Historic and Archaeological Synthesis Zeidan Kafafi
Chapter 6
Nelson Glueck’s “Madeba line” and the Tall Madaba Archaeological Project Jonathan Ferguson
Chapter 7
The Finnish Jabal Hārūn Project: An Assessment Zbigniew Fiema
Chapter 8
The Khirbat Iskandar Regional Survey: A Preliminary Look Suzanne Richard
Chapter 9
The EB IV Pottery from the Southern Ghors and Northeast ‘Arabah Survey: Regionalism Re-examined Stanley Klassen
Chapter 10
The Iron Age Pottery from Burton MacDonald's Last Three Surveys in the Highlands of Southern Jordan Larry Herr
Chapter 11
Pliny, Petra and the Aromatics Trade Andrew Smith
Chapter 12
Monastic Traditions in Central Jordan: The Tall Ma’in Archaeological Survey Debra Foran
Chapter 13
Reassessing Nelson Glueck’s Pioneer Studies of Eastern Palestine-Part One: The Surveys Eveline van der Steen
Chapter 14
The Barqa Landscape Project, 2009 Russell Adams, Hannah Friedman, James Anderson, Michael Homan, John Grattan, Lynne Rouse
Chapter 15
Going Over Old Ground: Archaeological Survey in Jordan Then and Now Edward Banning
Chapter 16
Changing Perspectives on the Pre-‐Pottery Neolithic: The Wadi al-­‐Hasa after Burton MacDonald Jane Peterson
Chapter 17
Archaeological and Geomorphological Investigations of the Late Epipaleolithic in West-­central Jordan: TBAS 212 in a Regional Context Michael Neeley, J. Hill
Chapter 18
The Middle Epipaleolithic at Tor at-­Tareeq in the Wadi al-­‐Hasa, Jordan Deborah Olszewski, Natalie Munro, Michael Kennerty
Chapter 19
Burton MacDonald and the Stone Age in Jordan Geoffrey Clark
End Matter
Index Michael Neeley
Index of Place Names Michael Neeley


The book is essential not only archaeological libraries, but also those dedicated to the Bible.
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