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Language and Verbal Art Revisited

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This volume, meant for both specialists and non-specialists, will appeal to both the growing number of scholars working in, and students needing to investigate, the field of literary linguistics, or stylistics.

Inspired by Ruqaiya Hasan’s conviction that, […] in verbal art the role of language is central. Here language is not as clothing to the body; it IS the body.” (1985/1989: 91), the papers are on a wide variety of aspects of the language-literature connection, and approach it from diverse perspectives and methodological frameworks, including Systemic Functional Linguistics, pragmatics, corpus linguistics, ethnolinguistics, cultural and translation studies.

A wide range of literary genres and world literatures are analyzed, including Shakespeare’s plays; modern Austrian authors writing in German (e.g., Thomas Bernhard); Perrault’s Histoires et contes du temps passé and their translations by Angela Carter; the Spanish poets of the Generación del ‘50; Malaysian-Singaporean poets in English; Anglo-American Modernist poets (Frost, Stevens, Pound and Lawrence) and novelists (Woolf and Conrad); a short story by Marina Warner and Turkish-German narrative by Feridun Zamo?lu; The Gospel of St. John and Harry Potter.

Separate introductions to each of the contributions seek to guide above all the non-specialist reader by describing and comparing the frameworks that the volume comprises. A general introduction diachronically traces key moments in the development of the study of the language of literature seen as socio-cultural practice.

Published: Apr 1, 2007

Section Chapter Authors
Acknowledgements Donna R. Miller
List of Contributors Donna R. Miller
Introduction Donna R. Miller, Monica Turci
Private pleasure, public discourse: refl ections on engaging with literature Ruqaiya Hasan
Construing the ‘primitive’ primitively: grammatical parallelism as patterning and positioning strategy in D. H. Lawrence Donna R. Miller
Thought experiments in verbal art: examples from Modernism David Butt
The meaning of ‘dark*’ in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness Monica Turci
Projection in literary and in non-literary texts Carol Torsello
Collocation as the determinant of verbal art Bill Louw
Text linguistics and comparative literature: towards an interdisciplinary approach to written tales. Angela Carter’s translations of Perrault Ute Heidmann, Jean-Michel Adam
Translation teaching and methodology: a linguistic analysis of a literary text Mirella Agorni
Deconstructing standard syntax: tendencies in Modern German prose writing Anne Betten
Kanak sprak: the linguistic features of Turkish migrants’ communicative style in Feridun Zaimoğlu’s works Sandro Moraldo
Debating the function of language in poetry: meta-textual musings in the Spanish 50s generation María Rodrigo Mora
Author Index Donna R. Miller
Subject Index Donna R. Miller

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