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Project-Based Language Learning and CALL

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This book is the first substantive scholarly book on project-based and cross-curricular language learning using digital technologies. The book includes new empirical research on project-based language learning utilizing CALL technologies and conceptual and theoretical chapters that address new methodological approaches for researching project-based and cross-curricular language learning in digitally-mediated learning environments. This dual focus distinguishes the volume from previous books on project-based learning in which digital technologies have not been the main focus. CALL research involving a variety of languages is also offered.

The book is timely in that, inspired by OECD reports and curriculum reforms in several countries, a repositioning and re-evaluation of foreign language education in school-based education has been taking place in which foreign language learning is taught in a multi-disciplinary approach involving an emphasis on collaborative literacies, including problem-solving, civic engagement, social justice and telecollaboration. In this mix, language learning, particularly driven by developments in CLIL (content and integrated language learning), is being taught as one of several disciplines in a way that firmly emphasizes communication and creativity rather than a traditional functional approach.

Published: Mar 17, 2021

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Section Chapter Authors
Chapter 1
Introduction: Projects, Pandemics and the Re-positioning of Digital Language Learning Michael Thomas, Kasumi Yamazaki
PART I Project-based Language Learning and Virtual Exchange
2. Project-Based Language Learning, Virtual Exchange and 3D Virtual Environments: A Critical Review of the Research Silvia Benini, Michael Thomas
3. Business English Telecollaboration in PBL in Indonesian and Saudi Arabian Contexts Imelda Bangun, Adel Alfaifi
4. Project-Based English Language Learning through Multimodal Videos: An Online Learning Case Study Valentina Morgana
PART II Project-based Language Learning in Pedagogical Contexts
5. Project-Based Learning in Online Synchronous Writing Classrooms: Enhancing EFL Learners’ Awareness of the Ethics of Writing Fatemeh Nami
6. Incorporating Digital Projects into an Advanced Japanese Course: Effectiveness and Implementation Kai Xie
7. Project-Based Learning for Content and Language Integrated Learning and Pluriliteracies: Some Examples from Italian Schools Letizia Cinganotto
8. Project-Based Learning via ePortfolios: Integrating Web 2.0 Tools into Higher Education World Language Classes Rebecca Chism, Evan Faidley
Part III Project-based Language Learning and Social Justice
9. Transcultural Language Learning with Cinema, Social Justice and Teletandem Martha Guadalupe Hernández Alvarado, Anton Brinckwirth
10. Stories, Communities, Voices: Revitalizing Language Learning through Digital Media within a Project-Based Pedagogical Framework Jim Anderson, Vicky Macleroy
Chapter 11
Epilogue: Critical Project-Based Learning and Moving Forwards in the Post-Pandemic University Michael Thomas