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Books for Linguistics

A Multimodal Analysis of Picture Books for Children
A Multimodal Approach to Classroom Discourse
An Integrative Architecture for Systemic Functional Linguistics and Other Theories of Language
An Introduction to English Sentence Structure
An Introduction to Irish English
An Introduction to Linguistics and Language Studies
An Introduction to the Grammar of Old English
Analysing Casual Conversation
Analysing Literary Sumerian
Applied Linguistics
Applied Linguistics at the Interface
Arting and Writing to Transform Education
Aspects of Cognitive Ethnolinguistics
Becoming a Teacher Who Writes
Blocking and Complementarity in Phonological Theory
Chinese Discourse and Interaction
Choice in Language
Chomskyan Linguistics and Its Competitors
Communication and Professional Relationships in Healthcare Practice
Conflicts in Interpretation
Conjunctive Relations in Discourse
Context in the System and Process of Language
Continuing Discourse on Language
Contrastive Discourse Analysis
Corpora and Meaning
Culture and Gender of Voice Pitch
Delivering Processing Instruction in Classrooms and in Virtual Contexts
Describing Language: Form and Function
Developing Systemic Functional Linguistics
Dialogue in Focus Groups
Discourse and Responsibility in Professional Settings
Empirical Translation Studies
Enculturation Processes in Primary Language Acquisition
English Tense and Aspect in Halliday's Systemic Functional Grammar
Everyday Readers
Explorations in Functional Syntax
Explorations in Stylistics
Exploring College Writing
Exploring New Paths in Language Pedagogy
Face, Communication and Social Interaction
Faithfulness in Phonological Theory
From Language to Multimodality
From Trainee to Teacher
Functional Dimensions of Ape-Human Discourse
Functional Syntax Handbook
Gender Matters
Genre Pedagogy Across the Curriculum
Genre Relations
Grammatical Metaphor as a Construction Type
Grammatical Metaphor in Chinese
Gramática Funcional del Español en los EE.UU.
Haitian Creole
Handbook for Children's Digital Literacy
Harmonic Grammar and Harmonic Serialism
Hidden Generalizations
Hybridity in Systemic Functional Linguistics
Impoliteness in Corpora
Individual Differences and Processing Instruction
Interpreter-Mediated Healthcare Communication
Intonation in the Grammar of English
Invitation to Systemic Functional Linguistics through the Cardiff Grammar
Issues in Second Language Teaching
Language and Education: Learning and Teaching in Society
Language and Representation
Language and Verbal Art Revisited
Language in Psychiatry
Language, Cognition and Space
Language, Culture and Identity in Applied Linguistics
Language, Identity and Study Abroad
Language, Interaction and Frontotemporal Dementia
Language, Society and Consciousness
Layering and Directionality
Learning to Write/Reading to Learn
Linguistic Derivations and Filtering
Linguistic Penalties and the Job Interview
Literacy and Social Responsibility
Machine-Aided Linguistic Discovery
Meaning-Centered Grammar
Meaning-Centered Grammar
Meaningful Arrangement
Metaphor Analysis
Metonymy in Language, Thought and Brain
Modeling Ungrammaticality in Optimality Theory
Morality in Practice
Morphosyntactic Alternations in English
Multimodal Corpus-Based Approaches to Website Analysis
Multimodal Transcription and Text Analysis
Novice Language Teachers
On Biology, History and Culture in Human Language
Optimality Theory, Phonological Acquisition and Disorders
Origin and Evolution of Languages
Phonological Argumentation
Playing with Words
Process Types and Participant Roles in the English Clause
Prosody Matters
Public Information Films
Reading Visual Narratives: Image Analysis of Children’s Picture Books
Reconfiguring Europe
Reflective Writing for Language Teachers
Semantic Variation: Meaning in Society and in Sociolinguistics
Seriously Creative Writing
Sexed Texts
Sociocultural Theory and the Teaching of Second Languages
Statistical Methods in Language and Linguistic Research
Suffixal Rivalry in Adjective Formation
System and Corpus
Systemic Functional Perspectives of Japanese
Systemic Phonology
Teaching Linguistics
Teamwork and Team Talk
Tend your Garden
Text Linguistics
Text Type and Texture
The 'Backwards' Research Guide for Writers
The Applied Linguistic Individual
The Cognitive Linguistics Reader
The College Writing Toolkit
The Development of Scientific Writing
The Dictionary Wars
The Disappearance of Writing Systems
The Five-Minute Linguist
The Language Impact
The Multimodal Analysis of Online Newspapers
The Phonology of Contrast
The Power of Language
The Power of Language
The Semantics of English Negative Prefixes
The Structure of Modern Irish
The Texture of Casual Conversation
The Western Classical Tradition in Linguistics
Understanding Allomorphy
Understanding and Interaction in Clinical and Educational Settings
Unity in Discourse: Texture and Structure
Verbal Art: A Social Semiotic Perspective
Virtual Worlds for Learning and Teaching
Web-based Concordancing and Annotation
Welcome to My World
Whys & Therefores
Writing Poetry through the Eyes of Science
Writing Readable Research
Writing Systems
Writing from the Inside
Writing the Economy
Writing, Reading and Language